Making Money Online Without Selling Anything! – Alan Tan

3 Comments by / January 31, 2011 / Posted in Affiliate Marketing

CPA (Cost per action) is one of the most lucrative and simple ways to make money online. It is a high reward & low risk Internet business model. You only need to send visitors to a merchant’s Web site that you are representing. If they complete a required action (for example, fill in a form), […]

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ClickBank Top Affiliate

8 Comments by / June 23, 2010 / Posted in Affiliate Marketing

I’ve just received an official recognition from ClickBank of my status as one of the ClickBank’s top affiliates in 2009: What are the benefits to be a top affiliate? Well, I receive JV offer almost every week! However, I ignore 90% of them unless those are having a very impressive product and sales page. My […]

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My Personal Journey into Affiliate Marketing

4 Comments by / June 18, 2009 / Posted in Affiliate Marketing

It was in early 2003, I saw an advertisement at The Star about making money through the Internet seminar. I was very excited about the opportunity and did lot of research into it. I did attend the preview but did not sign up the RM5K seminar because I’ve signed up Money Mastery Mentorship Program a […]

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