10 Major Mistakes in Google AdWords Campaign

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10 adwords mistakes

I’ve audited / reviewed many AdWords campaigns over the past few years, here are the 10 major mistakes I find in most new accounts:

  1. Group long list of untargeted keywords in a single ad group
  2. No “peel & stick” keywords to deliver precisely what searchers are looking for
  3. No running split tests on all campaign to improve the performance on every keywords and  ads group
  4. Not using any Negative keywords to filter out unwanted clicks
  5. Low Quality Score (below 5/10)
  6. Directing PPC traffic solely to home page
  7. Activate both Google Search and Content Network in a single campaign and confused by the extremely different way in which it functions
  8. Not tracking conversions to leads and sales at the keyword level
  9. Poor campaign organization
  10. Only run keywords with broad match

Are you making the above mistakes too? By avoiding these mistakes, you’ll be on your way to a successful AdWords campaign.

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