Coffee Break: What Was I Doing in the Past 6 Months?

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Time really flies. It has been 6 months I did not post any update in this blog. Now it is into Q2 of 2010. What was I doing in the past 6 months? Well, let me share what has been happening…

Search Engine Marketing Consultancy

Search Engine Marketing MalaysiaAfter 7 years as an internet marketer, I finally started my own search engine marketing consultancy service, with the aim to help local SMEs to generate and convert more web visitors by leveraging on search engine platform. My core services include PPC campaign optimization & management, web page optimization and web analytics. I’ve to be honest that Malaysia SMEs (especially Penang) are still far lag behind Singapore in term of exploring the powerful search marketing. Lot of education is needed to convince them to try out Google AdWords and Yahoo Sponsored Search and it is not an easy one. However, Google is aggressively promoting AdWords in Malaysia. They give away many RM100-RM200 vouchers to SMEs to try out their ads. This is good news to me as I can target those having problem to achieve positive ROI with their campaigns. 🙂

Besides, I’m now a certified Google AdWords and Google Analytics Qualified Individual. To meet those requirements is not too difficult to me as I’ve been using Google AdWords for many years. I do agree with others that the passing mark for the exam is quite high – 85% for Google AdWords Fundamental Exam and the questions cover the entire features in AdWords. More advanced exams will be available soon in the area of search & display marketing. I will definitely take those exams once it is available. As for Google Analytics Qualification, the passing mark is 80%. To pass this exam, experience of using Google Analytics is mandatory as the questions cover the details usage of web analytics. I’ve successfully scored over 90% for both exams.

Internet Marketer

Due to my consultancy service, I’ve not been actively involved in internet marketing. Guess what? I still manage to did well in few product launches by using just email marketing and little PPC. My existing affiliate business ventures are indeed able to generate a passive income. Few partners that offers lifetime cookies affiliate programs are still generating me a few hundreds to over thousand USD monthly each without me doing anything at all.

I also managed to achieve Clickbank Apex status based on my performance in 2009. Hmm… I’m now one of the top Clickbank Affiliate in the world. Sound great 🙂 Unfortunately, I’ve not focus on it for the past 6 months 🙁

Internet Ventures

I find few untapped market in Malaysia while I was doing PPC competitive intelligence sharing with my potential clients. I have few ideas and JVs where I need to focus on for now. One of them is related to e-commerce store solution.

Part-time Study

I’ve completed half of my MBA modules. Another 1.5 years or more to go. Some of my friends was wondering why I take so long for my part-time study. Well, this is the schedule planned by the business school and I do not want to overstretch myself. Compared with other program offerred locally, Manchester program are pretty tough due to strict control by the University. The fees is quite expensive even though their world ranking has dropped since I enrolled into the program. Hope the pound sterling will depreciate further 🙂

My Plan…

Well, I’ve decided to refocus on internet marketing/ventures as I find it’s more rewarding and worth my time. As for my consultancy service, it would be great to have 8-10 good retaining clients. At the moment, I do not market it aggressively as I need to focus on internet ventures. I may consider to promote my service out of Malaysia. Unlike in US & Europe, it is really a limited market for PPC management service here. Besides, I’m also planning to start another blog at my search engine marketing consultancy to share more about PPC.


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