10 Important Business Insights from Glenn Livingston

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Just read Glenn’s sharing about his 10 most important business insights, based on what he has done and learned in the last 10 years of his business venture.

I find his business insights are pure gold and would like to share over here.

By the way, Glenn is the guy befind Rocket Clicks – the SEM firm that I most respected. I’ve been with his Hyper-Responsive Marketing Secrets for over a year. Lot of good stuff inside. The problem is I have not go through his complete modules 🙁

Anyway, here is the overall summary of his most important insight that tie together all his 10 insights of the decade:


  • I’ve had hundreds of students come to me with some variation of the following “You’re obviously the guy to work with for building a solid foundation for a long term, profitable, growing business. But who do you recommend to make money NOW? I NEED money NOW!
  • Believe me, I’ve tried everything. I have access to many of the top courses and launches just for the asking. But EVERY time I get excited that there might be a better, faster way, I wind up wasting time and money, and actually setting myself back, wishing I never did it.
  • This really is a “tortoise and the hare” game. My friend David Oliver says “I can’t beat you NOW, but I can definitely beat you 12 months out with focus and determination“. Well, I’m kind of like the “ultimate tortoise with x-ray vision”.

What this means for you is, decide on a model you believe in, dig in, and put your nose to the grindstone. Keep the dream alive, and do whatever it takes to stay in the game until you win the game.

You can download the complete cheat sheet – click here.

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