My Personal Journey into Affiliate Marketing

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It was in early 2003, I saw an advertisement at The Star about making money through the Internet seminar. I was very excited about the opportunity and did lot of research into it. I did attend the preview but did not sign up the RM5K seminar because I’ve signed up Money Mastery Mentorship Program a month before and no budget for additional seminar.

The Money Mastery program strengthens my determination to explore further on various business models available for making money online. After the boot camp, I set my target and decided to focus on affiliate marketing.

My first commission cheque…

My first investment was Site Build It (SBI) from Dr. Ken Evoy. The package came complete with domain and webhosting and internet marketing lessons, suitable for a beginner who knew little about web design. SBI provided me an extremely good foundation on building a good content website. I also picked up lot of good info from their forum. I launched my first affiliate site at the  end of 2003. This is in stock trading niche. I did not make any money in the first few months. My first commission came after 4-5 months with a US$60 commission. I was so excited about it, that was my first online pay cheque.

My first breakthrough…

My first breakthrough was at end of 2004. I spent US$1K on John Reese’s Traffic Secret course. That was really expensive course. I bought it from the affiliate link of Phil Wiley and he built me a 10-page content website in return. The main ideas that I gained from this course was Pay-Per-Click (PPC) traffics. I buy the idea that it is inevitable to invest before you can make money online. I need to treat it as a “business”, spending $1 to get $3 or more in return. This simple idea opened up my window of opportunity because all the while I learnt was generating “free traffics”. Guess what, I gained back my US$1K investment within a month by implementing his PPC techniques!

Besides, I have also learnt another tip from the mini website built by Phil Wiley. The mini site was designed with the Skyscrapper (120×600) Adsense ads at the left panel. This looks like a site navigation. Such a smart placement was extremely effective that time. I implemented this placement in all my other websites. Since I’m in the investment niches, the earning per click was very lucrative. I got an average US$1 per click. My Adsense income was quickly jumped  up to more than $1k per month. Such easy money will not sustainable. After about a year or so, earning per click started to drop as most advertisers did not see their ROI in content search network and Google also started to implement different bids for search and content networks.  Now, Adsense is no longer my focus but I still earn a minimal income from them each month.

My second breakthrough…

I would like to thank Chris for his Affiliate Project X. This e-book was an important turning point to me into a full-time affiliate marketer. I learnt the important of building a review page, targeted keywords, effective PPC ads and technique to compete with other affiliates.

Such a few ideas boosted my Clickbank‘s income from 3-figure into a 4-figure per month.

I will share a case study later on how I earn 5-figure in one Forex product.

Full time as a affiliate marketer…

On 1st October 2008, I become a full time affiliate marketer.

Before this, I was struggling to go full time at the end of year 2007. I was so frustrated about my job but still persevered to stay on. The reason is I was the first staff in the new set up foreign company in Penang. I put a lot of efforts in helping the setting up of the new factory. I gained so much valuable experiences in facility setting-up, government permits, recruiting & etc. However, I have the problem with the unusual company culture and management style. I knew this is not the company for me to grow and advance my career. I quit without delay after the official opening of the factory.

This is the right decision to me even though it happened during the global financial crisis. I can fully focus on affiliate marketing and pursue my business study part-time.

Believe the unbelievable.
Dream the impossible.
Never take no for an answer.

Since then, I have never earn less than my full-time job…

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  1. harish verma said on June 29th, 2009 at 4:44 am

    Thanks for the article. Today is my first day at using the net to sell my services as an accountant. I wanted to know, how could i find out Ken’s software programme for investing. Also how could I get affilates for by writing up of books.



  2. admin said on June 29th, 2009 at 5:05 pm

    Hi Harish,

    Click here to find out more about Ken’s Site Build It!

    Sorry, not really get your 2nd question.


  3. geek said on July 1st, 2009 at 4:00 pm

    your story is really inspiring.I am just starting out on affiliate marketing. Hopefully some day even i can quit my day job and be happy:)

  4. alantanblog said on May 16th, 2010 at 7:45 pm

    Congrat on doing Full time as a affiliate marketer….Not many dare to take that plunge

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