Case Study: An Excellent ROI with “Google Cash” Method

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This case study is about my experiment on “Google Cash Method” – direct linking through Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising and it works surprisingly well!

Google Cash method  was first published online by Chris Carpenter in 2003 and revised 4 times thus far. The original Google Cash method was focusing on direct linking through PPC advertising. However, the latest revision focuses on landing page techniques as well.

Suzanne, the Affiliate Manager from NetPicks contacted me early last month about the launching of UST-Forex Edition.

Due to my active promotion on another product launched on early June, I did not want to promote another product within such a short period to my targeted email lists. Hence, I decided to try direct linking with Google Search as well as its Content Network.

Here was the launch schedule for UST Forex Edition that I received from Suzanne:

6/22 – JV email #1 with first pre-launch content

6/24 – JV email #2 with second pre-launch content (Link to the blog) + blog contest

6/26 – JV follow up webinar announcement, and blog contest reminder

6/28 – JV follow up email with webinar reminder and blog contest reminder (optional)

6/29 – Launch Webinar and Blog Contest Winner Announced – JV email early morning reminder (optional)

6/30 – JV email #3 with launch opening announcement

7/2 – JV email #4 with third piece of launch content with launch close warning

7/3 – Launch Close

7/6-7/8 – 2nd Chance Order Page Re-Open (optional – probably 2 emails)

Based on my experience, I knew it is going to do well with this proper launching formula.

Social proof, reciprocitycredibilityurgency and scarcity are the techniques that have been tested many times and it works in a product launch processes.

I have participated with several high-ticket Forex product launches with similar launching formula. These products were converted well through my targeted email lists but I have not test it with direct linking through PPC advertising.

Hence, I decided to give it a try.

My idea of direct linking was about sending the visitors to their opt-in page to download the free trade management software. With this plan, my advertising campaign only scheduled to run for 7 days, from 22nd until 28th June. Then, I let NetPicks to follow up with the leads referred through my PPC traffic.

Here was the nice design sales page that went live on the launch day:


The result? You guess…

I generated 6 sales on the launch day (29th June) but 1 sale was refunded a week later. 🙁

Excluding the refunded amount, my total commissions earned was US$869.75. Here are the sales screenshot:


You will be amazed knowing that I only spent US$66.04 on Google Search and Content Network!

This means that I spent $1 to make almost $13 in return 🙂

The following screenshots were my 5 ad groups for my Google AdWords campaign:

Ad Group #1



Ad Group #2



Ad Group #3



Ad Group #4



Ad Group #5



Total advertising cost was only US$66.04.

It generated 37 leads according to the NetPicks’ affiliate report as shown below:


Within these 37 leads, 5 of them were converted into sales. This was 13.5% conversion rate – extremely good conversion for a US$500 product.

Well, this case study is merely just a case study!

The aim is to show that the direct linking method still works under certain conditions.

I do not recommend to apply it especially on Clickbank products where there is fierce competition unless you are very creative on your keyword research.

I have to be honest that direct linking is not my cup of tea.

In fact, it is not a viable long term strategy!

To be successful in PPC affiliate marketing, you need to be clear that there are certain aspects of the sales funnel that you have control over but not all.

You have no influence over what your visitors see once you direct them to a merchant website.

I always prefer to drive traffic directly to my landing page where I have certain control on the visitors such as pre-sell the recommended product as well as entice them to opt-in for free report, and etc.

My advice is to stop thinking affiliate marketing as a money making tactics. Always think long term instead of just generating instant income.

List Building is the KEY!

With the correct mindset, you will always find a cost-effective way to build targeted lists – an ASSET… 😉

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