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There is countless of ads about making money online in the newspapers and internet. It could be very misleading. Those marketers always present you their earning screenshots within the quick period without disclosing their expenses and prompt you to buy their pricey courses. Those courses merely provide you tactics to make instant money online. This is only a short term game.

Building the real internet business is much more than this. Such tactics are just one of the components of business building.

Zamri Nanyan has just disclosed his mentoring conversation with Patric Chan. He paid Patric thousands of dollars to consult him so that he can build a real internet business that will ultimately give him financial freedom. I find it extremely helpful for those who plan to start their online business. Patric shares how to build a sustainable business correctly from ground zero. Patric is a very successful Malaysian internet marketer and is well-respected internationally. Both Zamri and Patric are from Penang 🙂


Click here to download the mp3.

Here is what I learnt from the audio, in a simple mind map…


Patric mentioned the 8-step model in order to build a sustainable business and he shared 5 of them in this audio. It’s important to focus on these early steps one at a time and do them in the correct order. I agree that affiliate marketing may not fulfill the 8 steps but it depends on how you develop it.

They are plenty of newbie marketers who use the ready made review template and invest on PPC advertising. Although they have no problem to make some money here and there, but in order to do it successfully they need to do more. Furthermore, it is no fun to target so many markets and they will get bored easily. Such a simple 2 or 3-step processes are so easy for other marketers to rip off the entire model.

Those super affiliate marketers who target various markets and made a million dollars a year are systemizing the multiple processes and build a team to achieve it.

It is always challenging to market a product successfully. It is critical to gain trust from the visitors by giving more values to them. Look at some of the super affiliate marketers like Rosalind Gardner and Allan Gardyne, they have built a successful portals, the assets that not easy to be ripped off.

Believe me, after listening to this one hour audio, it is going to change your paradigm. The way how you think about building an internet business will be different.

My respect to Zamri for sharing such a helpful and personal conversation for free.

Thanks, Zamri.

You have to dare to dream – set a clear path or target of what you want to do, acquire the necessary knowledge and work hard for it.

– CC Puan, CEO of Green Package

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